The Team

Anonymous: Behind the tenebrous cloak of anonymity hides the soul of the whistleblower. The weak, the one in fear of persecution, the ones low down in the eco-system, dodging their days through the predators lying in wait, they hide behind my nigrescence to spout their minds. Often described to be the recourse of the weak and the spineless, in a society where honesty is not always the best policy, my cloak of protection has its values. Feel free to read my posts here, or drop me an email here (though I must say chances of getting replies is bleak, at best). We are legion. I am one, I am all. [P.S.: We figured that the thoughts that arise in our minds may not always be charitable towards someone who might be in a position to judge us. The anonymous account is therefore, to post such sensitive issues in a personally non-endangering manner. We realize that the more we use this cloak of anonymity, the more we reduce the candidness of discussing out issues here. This is just for those outlier topics, which, we hope, would be rare to the point of non-existence.)

Pranab Chatterjee: Idle thinker, armchair philosopher, blogger, Public Health and Internal Medicine aficionado, believer in the Socratic method of medical education (aka pimping), and social media advocate, he got obsessed with the idea of eThesis and spent his Saturday night in the making of this blog and setting up of the governing rules and regulations. An ardent fan of Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Dr. Gregory House, he is doing his thesis on Homeless Youth of Delhi and believes he can make a difference to the lives of a marginalized and uniquely unfortunate group of people. He insists that since you are already here, you might as well check out his medical-personal blog Scepticemia and the Community Medicine Education Blog. He is relatively inactive on Twitter as well until he acquires a smartphone that isn’t a poser.