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The First Post!

The White Rabbit put on his spectacles. `Where shall I begin, please your Majesty?’ he asked. `Begin at the beginning,’ the King said gravely, `and go on till you come to the end: then stop.’

Lewis Carroll. Alice in Wonderland, Chapter XII, Alice’s Evidence.

Before I come down to what actually needs to be written, I am going to write down some random stuff … actually just letting things out… So I’m not a blogger or a tweeter nor would I call myself a writer (as one needs to write for that). Though I love writing and reading or I would say at least I dream about it, I’m actually writing something after a very very very long time. No wonder I am so psyched about it. I don’t know what practically went wrong during my MBBS that I lost touch with this side of mine, although not completely as I had practically started talking to myself about anything and everything, just talking out even to myself helped clear my head… weird, right? I know I can’t blame MBBS or anyone for not writing as I could have done it if I had not been too lazy and got caught up in the business of having a life…. Never mind, no regrets for my Undergraduate days, those memories, they will stay forever and I can go on about my how much I loved my undergrad days in Hardinge .. So when this idea of eThesis was proposed I was ever too happy to contribute… I really don’t know where to start or how to… but I’m hopeful this whole year of thesis is going to be a wonderful learning experience and I’ll continue to write and share my experiences regarding my research.

A lot of ifs and buts about the protocol shall follow but even before that a valuable lesson that I learned is to be able to think and more so, to be able to think with an open mind. When we think we question ourselves, when we question we look for answers for which we start reading and more importantly start observing… Some of the stuff I had glanced at daily for years, now I actually stopped and noticed. So the learning begins… this promises to be a fun journey ahed. Tag along, you might want to get caught up in the frenzy as well!