Welcome to eThesis!

This website was born in the hot, sweaty college cafeteria at the University College of Medical Sciences, where the first year residents of the Department of Community Medicine had congregated to celebrate the submission of their theses protocols barely 2 minutes before the closing bells rang. While talking about our individual experiences in the short course of a few weeks of writing the thesis protocols, we realized that there was a wealth of information to be shared about our learning curves. That was when the idea to create this website sprung up. We wanted a portal to document our learning through our thesis work, and beyond.

The idea is to come back to all the content generated here in a year or two to analyze the barriers, facilitators and other factors that spring up to be determinants in resident research efforts. We are hoping that this website shall become an online chronicle of our experiential learning efforts while conducting our theses… and more. There maybe other offshoots or other learning exercises being included – the process of educating ourselves is a complex matter, after all – but that is for time to tell.

For now, we are more panicked about our thesis defense in front of the college council next week!